The Manifesto

This Manifesto is the product of three years of reflection and debate, culminating in intense activity throughout 2017. The leading author of the Manifesto has been Prof. Ali Allawi working in close consultation and collaboration with his co-authors, Dr. Abbas Kadhim and Dr. Luay Al-Khatteeb. This team was engaged in extensive debate of its various sections and conducted comprehensive series of meetings, workshops, and consultation efforts with various Iraqi groups and individuals inside and outside Iraq. These included statesmen and diplomats, politicians and senior civil servants, lawmakers and specialists, academics and intellectuals, teachers and students, businessmen & businesswomen and bankers, writers and thinkers, clerics and social leaders, farmers and workers, activists and union members, officers and judges –people who come from all walks of life and share a burning desire to see our country set on the right path to peace, security, prosperity and justice. They reject the politics of division, and the branding of any of our communities as enemies. All of those involved in the debate agreed on the importance of introducing a comprehensive platform for reform and change in Iraq and the urgency of doing so immediately.
We gratefully acknowledge the observations, comments and insights of all those who gave of their time and energy to the formulation of the Manifesto through its many drafts. We extend our hand to all those who want to turn decisively the page towards a new future. We do not ignore the pain and sufferings of the past, but we will not dwell on it. We have to move on. Our eyes are firmly fixed towards the future. We must transcend the bitterness of the past in a shared plan of action that is optimistic, ambitious and realisable.
The Manifesto is the blue print for this plan.
Ali Allawi
Abbas Kadhim
Luay al-Khatteeb
Friday 22nd December 2017
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